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Heets TEREA Indonesian versions are designed for use with IQOS ILUMA devices. They are distinguished from analogues and other products by the presence of a built-in heating element, original shape and unique flavor. Its main feature is a special tobacco treatment, which reduces its harmfulness for people. Products are easily installed in devices. Supplied in packages, divided by flavors and shades. When smoking do not emit smoke, so they are suitable for smoking indoors. In our online shop you can buy Heets TEREA for IQOS ILUMA from Indonesia. UAE delivery is available. UAE delivery is available. For any questions please contact our managers. Heets TEREA from Indonesia Available flavors One of the advantages of Heets TEREA Indonesian versions in Dubai is the variety of flavor combinations that will be remembered by many. The flavor is based on Indonesian tobacco. Unlike other tobacco blends, it undergoes more thorough processing, during which it reduces the number of harmful impurities. Such electronic cigarettes have a milder, non-standard flavor. And due to the peculiarities of the structure and filling of the stick itself, they practically do not emit smoke when smoking. IQOS Heets TEREA Indonesian versions are presented in several flavors, which are called by their shades: Sienna. It has subtle notes of wood and tea leaves; Bronze. Combines dried fruit and cocoa flavors; Purple Wave. Dark forest fruits with refreshing hints of menthol; Green. An original combination of toasted tobacco and frosty green mint; Blue. A fresh menthol blend that is complemented by creamy notes; Dimensions Apricity. Unusual flavor with a blend of quality tobacco, fruit, creamy and woody notes; Dimensions Yugen. A memorable variant with ripe fruit and flowers; Black Green. Green fruits and tobacco, complemented by a bright menthol note; Bright Wave. A stick that will bring freshness as it is based on menthol and green fruits;